Wikipedia Assignment

Collaboration and Wikipedia: Collaboratively write several well cited sentences (up to one paragraph) of either a) literature review that traces the reception of one of the texts we have read during class b) explication of said texts on appropriate wiki pages. Only work on pages that already exist. Work only on wiki, communicating via talk pages. Draft your paragraph in the sandbox, and add it in only once completed. It may be productive to work on the same texts you wrote your papers about.

For example, you might write about the critical reception of How we Became Posthuman on Hayles‘ page, or you might augment the Posthumanism page by including the histories and arguments she makes in her book.

The goal of this assignment is not to challenge your research and/or analytic skills; we are intentionally choosing topics you already have mastery over. The goals of this assignment are to:

  • Practice or Learn how to edit Wikipedia
  • Explore the Wikipedia community (will your edits stick?)
  • Experience the process of technologically mediated collaboration
  • Contribute your expertise to the digital commons

This is a Pass/Fail assignment. You have one week to add a few sentences. The completed article is due Monday November 27th. We will break into groups of two or three based on topic affinities, and wiki experience. If you did not attend the Wikipedia lab, or have previous experience, please review these Wikipedia videos to get up to speed. Turn your assignment in by posting a comment on Michael’s Talk page.